Our Animals

We are thrilled to have a wonderful selection of animals at Redwood Rare Breeds.

We have a number of animals looking for new homes:

  • Saddleback Pigs – a Breeding Boar to swap to increase the bloodlines.
  • Saddleback Weaners – Born 19th September 2022, ready for collection on 14th November onwards.
  • Cattle – Redwood Buttons, Born on 1st May 2022, Bottled fed, very friendly and would make an excellent house cow due to her nature. Only to be sold for breeding and to a good quality home.
  • Dorset Down Sheep – Born December 2022. Female. Ready to leave Mid February to a breeding home.
  • Poultry
    • Cayaga Cross White Created Drakes Born Spring 2022

Contact us on 01749 850 361 for more details.

Meet our animals

Slate Turkey

Our Tom (Male) Turkey named Night Shadow is the king of the poultry flock. He is friendly and likes cuddle with his owners but can get a little protected over his wives to other unknown people.

He follows his owners around and has been known to walk to the campsite, on-top-of-hill, over ½ mile. He often has his tail feathers full in display making an idea photoshoot opportunity.

Brown Sussex Chicken

These are the rarest types of Sussex chickens and were derived from the Red Sussex in 1908.

There are very few brown Sussex roosters in existence, and these that do exist, along with the hens, may have some recent red Dorking or red Sussex ancestry. The most obvious difference if a chicken is from a Red Dorking or Red Sussex, is that Red Dorking has five toes, while Red Sussex has 4 toes

Our Brown Sussex chickens have Red Sussex ancestry.


Dorset Down Sheep

Our pedigree flock of Dorset down sheep are loving the rural grassland.

Little Davey is so friendly, you can give him big cuddles and loves eating from your hand. This calm breed are polled (no horns) medium size sheep.

They have a white woolen coat, with a dark brown wool free head and legs.

Balwen Sheep

Our pedigree registered flock of Balwen sheep started off with an elite ram and 3 ewes with lambs born in Spring 2022.

Balwae means ‘white blaze’ in Welsh as these sheep are black with a white blaze from the top of the head to their nose with white socks on their legs and a white tip on their tail. They have similar markings to our border collies.

They are very docile and easily bucket trained and the ewes can produce offspring for 10 years – ideal for our farm. 

Farm Cats

There are a selection of cats at the farm, some jumping around in the poultry breeding pens and others love to sunbath in the Somerset pastures.

Cream Legbar Chickens

These auto-sex birds were standardised in 1958 but nearly died out in 1970s due to no demand for blue eggs. In the 1980s blue shelled eggs begin attracting people and the population started to increase again.

The Cream Legbar produces 200 light blue eggs a year.

European Quails

Quails live around 2 years old and can start laying little speckly eggs from 8-12 weeks old.

They lay around 230 eggs a year which are great in salads on a hot sunny day.

North Holland Blue Chickens

NHB comes in two varieties – the British type with feathered legs and the Holland type with clean non-feathered legs.

In 2020, there were only around 35 birds across the country from 6 different breeders. Through an extensive breeding program including flying in hatching eggs from the Netherlands, and movement of roosters and hens to prevent related chickens breeding, each egg laid was carefully placed in an incubator, and the number of NHB British types had increased 4 times by October 2021.

Redwood Rare Breeds is home to 4 breeding clams of North Holland Blue chickens are is working with all other breeders in the UK to increase the numbers and quality of such rare birds.

Dexter Cattle

Dexter cattle come as either short-leg or long-leg and come in three colours – black, red and dun (light brown). We have a mixture of black and red, long-legged and short-legged cattle.

The mother of the heard is Cobthorn Copelia. She is an ex-show Dexter cattle winning multiple shows in the south of the UK. Her & her daughters at Redwood Rare Breeds are black and horned.

Our friendly red cow is Westbrook Ruby who we able to hand-milk in a field with no crush or equipment. Her daughters are red and non-horned.

Giant Papillon Rabbits

Our Giant papillon black rabbits are friendly and calm. Always out eating grass and any British day.

Bred in our neighbouring village of Upton Noble, they are a welcome to anyone visiting the farm.

British Saddleback Pigs

We are very lucky to have the chairman of the British Saddleback Breeders Society just 7 miles from us who is able to help us establish our knowledge and expertise with these docile pigs.

Our pedigree herd comprises of breeding sows Prestcombe Ivy and Prestcombe Belle 12 and our first piglets were born in September 2021.

White Crested Ducks

A large white crested ‘hat’ on their heads, make them unqiue.

Ducks can live up to 20 years and are omnivorous i.e. will eat grass, insects, seeds, fruit, fish

Border Collies

Our dogs keep an eye on what’s going on around the place, especially the small animals.

They love playing catch, but once you start they is no end.

Guinea Pigs

These little creatures last between 4-8 years and are from Peru, South America

. Their tail is not visible externally. The females have up to 13 young per litter with an average of 4.

Cayuga Ducks

These ducks have black feathers with a brilliant green iridescence with a black bill. In some light, their feathers appear purple, blue, or green.

Due to their size, they are often kept for meat for the table but also lay eggs which are great in cakes.

Their eggs are black in colour at the beginning of the breeding season and gets lighter throughout the year.

Miniature Shetland Ponies

All our Miniature Shetlands are adorable and love being stroked, they live as a herd all year round and their main hobby is eating lots of grass and being petted.

Miniatures are 34” and under to the withers and Standards shetland ponies are over 34” up to 10.2 h.h (42”).

Golden Guernsey Goats

These goats are smaller than most milking goats and very quiet and docile. Our goats are a bit like dogs and follow us around the farm and love walks on the lead through the woods.

Rare Breeds Survival Trust

We are proud members of the Rare Breeds Survial Trust (RBST) who help us, monitor, save and promote our UK native livestock breeds. In conjunction with DEFRA and some relevant breed societies, they produce an updated watchlist of the most critical and engadangered UK farm animals which can be found at their website.

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