Calor Gas

47kg Propane Gas


Used for central heating, outdoor events & light commercial use such as commercial heating and drying.

19kg Propane Gas


Used for heating and cooking in static caravans and the gas hob.

18kg Auto Gas


Purpose built for use in forklifts.

6kg Propane Gas


An ideal solution for heating and cooking in your caravan, all year round.

3.9kg Propane Gas


A range of industrial uses & can also be used to fuel a range of DIY tools, including small industrial burners & blowtorches.

13kg Propane Gas


A wide range of uses and is the perfect solution for heating & cooking for both touring & static caravans.

15kg Butane Gas


The perfect choice to fuel portable gas heaters.

7kg Butane Gas


Ideal for cooking & heating in caravans and can also be used for smaller portable heaters.

4.5kg Butane Gas


Ideal for camping and caravanning during the summer months & can be used with a single burner cooking appliance.

13kg Patio Gas


Comes with the innovative gas trac indicator & an ideal solution to fuel patio heaters & BBQs during the long summer evenings

5kg Patio Gas


Ideal for table top patio heaters and small portable BBQs.

CP250 Camping Gaz


A disposable Butane/Propane mix used for camping stoves

907 Camping Gaz


Has a high-security value that will prevent leaks during connections & disconnections. Used for larger stoves & burners.

904 Camping Gaz


1.8kg of butane gas for camping stoves & camping lights.

901 Camping Gaz


400g of butane gas used for camping stoves & camping lights. Fits lightly in rucksacks.

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